• Sustainable

    We are proud to say we only use products that put the earth first.

  • Vegan

    We only use vegan & curelty free products. Meaning we stay away from black pigmented paint. Any black in paintings have been digitally added.

  • Irish

    We are proud to say all our models are all beautiful, empowered Irish women.

Resistance la Renaissancce

Resistance La Renaissance

In a world where women are oppressed, we are the ones who... 

Limited Editions

Limited edition prints have been specifically created by the artist, and there are only a certain number of versions available. The print often comes with a certificate, a number on the print (to establish which quantity), and the original artist's signature to show their authenticity.

Open Editions

Open Edition prints do not have a limit on the number of prints that can be produced. Unlike Limited Editions they do not come numbered or with certificates. However, they do come signed by the original artist.