The Open Space Project

The Open Space Project

In February I was asked to take part in a funded project called Open Space. I was asked to draw up a proposal of what open space meant to me and how it affected me as a dancer. While doing this I decided to not look at it from a dance point of view, but from an artists. My idea was to create a Glen Keane style Nephatali piece. While this is the idea I got funded for, this isn’t what I ended up creating. Instead due to COVID and restrictions I ended up with 10 abstract pieces that reflected my dancers feelings and thoughts during this pandemic. 

The final outcome hasn't been filmed yet due to restrictions. But I hope in the near future it will be. 

There has been difficulties along the way, firstly this was my first ever funded project and honestly I felt like I was back at school. keeping every little sketch, writing down and documenting every little piece of information or idea. It was something I did struggle with. Then there was zoom, trying to sketch and choreograph over zoom. Trying to figure out how I am going to bring this to life without actually physically being with the dancers was a struggle and in turn it was the reason the paintings came out abstract. 


Take a look below at the final outcome 💕



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