My New Collection! All YOU need to know! Cliodhna Doherty Art

My New Collection! All YOU need to know!

With my new collection set to launch in a couple of weeks, I thought I would give you a few insights.

Prices for this collection range from £180 to £1400, it is my most affordable collection so far. There will be a set of prints available in B4,A4 AND postcard sizes. 

My postcard prints are the perfect desk accessorise and can be bought as a pair or separate. 

So what is it actually about? 

This collection set out as something completely different. It began as something That I had planned and researched down to the smallest detail, Then lockdown happened again & I got covid. Everything I planned and wanted to do with this collection was stopped. So I painted and experimented with different body shapes, canvas and style.

 It's painting what I wanted with no judgement on how it looks. Some are better than others, some are more detailed, some have more flowers. The point of this collection was to allow myself to create shit art and love it.

Launch date is coming soon xox 

- Love Clíodhna

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