Meet The Artist

I am on my way to creating Ireland's first artistic brand that empowers women through art. Over the next few years I plan on pushing my artistic voice both on and off-line, along with opening my own gallery/storefront.

I have been involved in the creative arts sector for many years and have a degree in animation & design which was obtained in Belfast Arts College. I now reside in Newry, where my studio sits on the north/south border.


Now being a full time artist I spend my weekdays creating work for various companies. One of my biggest clients is award winning slow fashion designer Aoife McNamara. Over the two years I have grown a strong business relationship with Aoife allowing me to showcase my work in various places like Adare Co. Limerick and in Kildare Village in October 2021 and April 2022.


I was in a mentoring group called The Art Queens which was founded by PXP Contemporary Gallery owners Alicia Puig & Ekaterina Popova, leading me to be featured in my first online group gallery showing. 


In 2020 I launched my own artistic brand which has now led me to be featured in the Create Magazine directory & create work for several leading influencers such as Shauna Lindsay, Emma Jane Cotter, Kyla Cobbler and Robyn Flanagan. Along with hotel heiress Ashley Doyle also owning an original painting. 


At the beginning of 2021 I took part in my first funded project with Dance Assosicate called The Open Space Project. This allowed me to combine both my artist & dancing background to create a series of 10 paintings. In March 2022 I was able to create and put on my first ever solo exhibition that featured 30 amazing women across Ireland. The Intimacy project was funded by the Arts Council N.I after being awarded the creative individual recovery program.

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