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How to frame your art

How do you frame your art? This is a question I have gotten more times than I can count. I was so shocked that people didn't know the different options for framing art. So, here at Clíodhna we are here to help you out!

First of, Canvas; Depending on preference you might not even want to frame your canvas painting. Some artists even paint the sides of the canvas which adds an extra touch that replaces the frame. If the edges are small mounting your canvas in a floating frame adds a touch of elegance and doesn't take away from the painting itself.

Artwork on paper; most artist sell paper pieces unframed leaving the client to frame. With paper there is endless options of frames, just pick your favourite style. You also have the option of mounting these pieces to create an extra dramatic effect. If you want to be extra edgy frame your oil & acrylic pieces without glass!

Prints, drawings and watercolour; Some prints come with an additional boarder so no need for mounting! But what you do need is glass on your frame to protect your art from fading over time. 

Sizes; unless you have standard sizes of artwork such as A5-A1, we suggest leaving it to the professionals as certain frames need to be left room for mounting. 

Top Tips 

  • make sure you match the style of your painting - the frame shouldn't take away 
  • make sure you match the shape. If you painting is landscape make sure you don't get a portrait frame! Trust me, it happens more than you think 🤣



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